Top 10 Restaurants to Eat in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, the city of traditions is also regarded as the paradise for food lovers from around the world. Pakistan is known for its delicacies and the variety of foods they have to offer. The Moghlai preparations obviously dominate the chart but the other ethnic food products also come to the fore. Kebabs and Biriyani have always been among the food lovers from around the globe and it will not be exaggerated to say that many tourists visit this beautiful city of Lahore for the food only.

From the traditional street food counters to the posh restaurants, the food system has come to complete a full circle. Foreigners prefer the foods from those well known restaurants for various reasons. Ten among the top restaurants of Lahore in present days are mentioned below.

  1. Cosa Nostra, La Tavola:

For all the residents of Lahore, this restaurant is a part of their culture. One of the most famous and coveted restaurants, Cosa Nostra offers various world famous delicacies, among which the selection of foods under the La Tavola section is especially favorite among the clients. The quality of the food is exquisite and the offerings in the menu are as traditional as they can get.

  1. The Lahore Social:

This brand new restaurant has found its spot in second in the line. The place is located at the very heart of the city and is accessible from all the parts of Lahore. The place is for the sophisticated customers with polite and fancy service providers and waiters. The food quality is very good and has a great range to try from. People prefer this diner for full family outings. The place offers you a quiet environment and gives you the opportunity to have your dinner with the peace you need.

  1. Pompei:

This restaurant is another favorite among the customers. The specialty of this particular restaurant is that they offer a hint of Karachi in the delicacies of Lahore. The fusion of the cities is deemed great and is one of the must-tries.

  1. Tiramisu Restaurant:

This restaurant is especially famous for the cake and chocolate items they offer. A real delight among the heavy traditional foods of Lahore, Tiramisu offers you to get soaked in the sweetness of the desserts they offer you.

  1. The polo Lounge:

Situated in the heart of the city, The Polo Lounge is the dining part of the famous Lahore polo Club. This diner is a favorite among the residents and the exquisite food they serve are made famous worldwide by the number of tourists visiting there.

  1. The Cube:

Located inside the famous Nishat hotel, The Cube is one of the finest restaurants of Lahore. The menu of The Cube is changed in a regular interval and the cooks are ready to welcome with a new surprise every time you walk in there.

  1. Mouthful:

The specialty of this particular restaurant is that they offer foods that are not going to hurt or upset your stomach. Prepared entirely from organic food products, Mouthful boast of the healthy foods they serve.

  1. Tokyo:

This is considered to be the best Japanese restaurant in Lahore. Apart from the most traditional Japanese delicacies like sushi and preparations of various fishes, they also offer fusion foods. For people who want to taste the delicacies of the other parts of Asia, Tokyo restaurant is the best answer for them.

  1. The Lakhnavi:

The Lakhnavi is one of the most traditional restaurants of Lahore. You will find the best classical foods of Pakistan here. The specialty of Lakhnavi is their Dum Biriyani. Their Dum Biriyani is considered to be Lahore’s finest and that is more than a great reason to behind this place.

  1. Sweet Affairs:

No food is complete without a little bit of sweet after that. Sweet Affair is the restaurant which specializes in different kinds of sweet dishes and desserts. The delicacies of their chocolate and milk fusion are must haves. They also serve some great brick oven pizzas specially made by hands. They also offer you cakes, cupcakes, muffins and many more and it will be a shame if you visit Lahore and don’t go to Sweet Affairs at least once.

Apart from these common known and popular restaurants, Lahore has many other restaurants and diners serving quality food. The food paradise never lacks in this field and we hope that they never will.

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