Racing returns to the height of Montpellier

Montpellier has always been akin to an inhospitable destination for Racing in the recent past, the last Strasbourg success in the Hérault region dating back to … 2004 (three draws and three losses since). The trend first seems to be confirmed this Saturday, Florent Mollet opening the scoring in the 12th, with a powerful strike that leaves no chance for Matz Sels. Strasbourg do not give up and Kevin Gameiro puts the two teams tied for 28th by exploiting a nice deviation from Ludovic Ajorque.

A hope for the Strasbourg people, who have scored at least once in the last seven matches: the Montpellier have conceded as many goals as they have scored in the first eight days
It is the eleventh goal in five home games for Olivier Dall‘Oglio’s men this season. Small reminder, the MHSC has the second best attack in Ligue 1.
On a long Savanier ball, Germain – fighting with Le Marchand – managed to put the ball back in Mollet’s race, alone at 25m. The left volley at the entrance to the area is too strong for Sels, helpless on this one …
This is Gameiro’s second since his return to Racing. The international tricolor had opened his counter on the lawn of Paris SG during the second day, August 14
What a great collective action from Strasbourg: Sissoko finds Ajorque in the surface. The latter puts in first intention towards Gameiro, which lodges a powerful strike of the right in the back of the nets of Omlin!
What a pity … while he puts a good ball in the Ajorque race, Bellegarde does not continue his effort … The Reunionese had yet handed him the ball at the entrance to the Montpellier area, full axis
Thrown by Sissoko, Gameiro crosses hard in front of Omlin’s goal. Souquet throws himself in front of Ajorque to put the ball in a corner
Savanier drops the ball at the penalty spot behind the Strasbourg defense … Germain and Cozza are fortunately too short to touch the ball
Gameiro interferes in the area on the right side. His center is deflected by a Montpellier foot in front of Omlin who easily grabs the ball.

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